ms-networkMorning Sky has built one of the most wide reaching network of over 50 wholesalers across the country within a few months. Aggressive expansion in the retail sector has resulted into opening 2 branch offices and 800 outlets, and we are adding to this number every day.

In 2 main central locations (Yangon and Mandalay), we are approaching direct distribution with over 40+ sale employees using full logistics, warehouse sales and distribution capabilities.

Since it was formed, we have built a strong nationwide long term network of 10+ sub-distributors and this number is growing from month to month. The sales team from the head office in Yangon oversees the performance of sub-distributor from each region to ensure that the monthly target sales is reached and to follow up and quality control.

In addition, we strongly support the strategic marketing plan to our sub-distributors and offer the promotion plan to reach sales target every month. The majority of Sub-Distributors is dedicated and exclusive to Morning Sky Co.,Ltd.

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Myanmar Retail Market – Share Estimates

World benchmark shows that the Retail market, exclusive of cigarettes and alcohol, represent 15% of the GDP.

Traditional trade forms the backbone of the Myanmar consumer market. Consisting of wholesale trade and retail shops, this sector still dominates with more than 90% market share in Myanmar.

Modern tradeĀ is less than 10% but growing and increasing in market share.


Traditional Trade

This trade consists of wholesale and retail shops, and this segment still buys and sells through traditional means of trading, which has been stagnant for quite a few decades in Myanmar.

Most populace still buys items in retail stores, which are far smaller and much less sophisticated than the glitter and technology of modern retailing.

Therefore, we are trying to cover 300 wholesales across the country by the end of 2014.


Modern Trade

It is one of the fastest growing market segments in the country and will be an essential channel for the future. It facilitate a nice shopping experience for the customers such as:

  • Availability of a broad selection of goods under a single roof, at relatively low prices
  • Organise into aisles
  • Large amount of floor space
  • Convenient to consumers
  • Computerised checkout counters